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Max Yield Tacoma 2014

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Great Show!! Thank you Tacoma! See you next year!!!

Beware of knock-offs

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It has come to our attention that some stores are trying to order our product from DL Wholesale.

We pulled DL as one of our distributors in late June of this year after they copied our product and began selling their knock-off. They now are trying to “bait and switch” customers by telling them they are currently out of stock on the ExHale bags and that we are behind in production (which is so NOT TRUE) and pushing their knock-off. They are out of stock because they DO NOT carry our product. If you hear of anything like this going on, please let us know.
Thanks for your support of ExHale!!

ExHale Celebrates 3 Years in the Marketplace

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ExHale-Homegrown CO2 is
celebrating 3 years in the retail marketplace.

In the Fall of 2009, ExHale debuted as the Original CO2 Bag and has since become the #1 choice for All-Natural CO2 Production. Before ExHale there were few other choices for CO2. We would like to thank everyone who has become a member of the ExHale family. You are very important to us. We look forward to many more years of providing the industry with clean green affordable CO2.

ExHale Takes Top Honors

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ExHale was voted “The Best Choice for Natural CO2 Production” by Maximum Yield Magazine. Not only did we recieve best product, but our underwater ad won Maximum Yield’s “Best Overall Media Award for 2012.

BWGS Customer Appreciation Day 2012

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TEAM ExHale was in Portland, OR last weekend for the BWGS Customer Appreciation Day. The Show went good, we met new people who had never heard of ExHale as well as people who are using and selling our product now.

Thanks BWGS


ExHale Expansion

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The Growth of ExHale

We at ExHale would like to thank you for your support!! You are a big part of the ExHale Family. As with anything, its starts small and with proper nurturing it begins to grow. Mycelium in particular when nurtured loves to grow and expand, so is the case with ExHale. What started as an idea has now grown into a real solution for the longtime problem of CO2 production for indoor gardening.
Mycelium has the ability to exponentially grow, sometimes faster than you think, especially when conditions are right. The indoor gardening market needed a change with regard to CO2 and ExHale was the answer. The conditions were right for fast growth.
With that in mind, we have embarked on an expansion project to help us keep up with the exponential growth of our product. We have upgraded our … Read More »

Hello world!

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Welcome to our new home on the internet.

Happy Thankgiving to everyone!!

The ExHale Family.