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The Growth of ExHale

We at ExHale would like to thank you for your support!! You are a big part of the ExHale Family. As with anything, its starts small and with proper nurturing it begins to grow. Mycelium in particular when nurtured loves to grow and expand, so is the case with ExHale. What started as an idea has now grown into a real solution for the longtime problem of CO2 production for indoor gardening.
Mycelium has the ability to exponentially grow, sometimes faster than you think, especially when conditions are right. The indoor gardening market needed a change with regard to CO2 and ExHale was the answer. The conditions were right for fast growth.
With that in mind, we have embarked on an expansion project to help us keep up with the exponential growth of our product. We have upgraded our current production line and are in the process of installing a new production line that will more than enable us to keep up with current demand as well as expected new growth. The scientific methods we have developed for strain development and substrate preparation will be highlighted at every stage of our expansion to insure you the highest quality.
ExHale is the original CO2 bag. Our strain is what drives our product, some say it is a “mushroom kit in a bag”, that is not the case. ExHale is a stand-alone product which is the number one all-natural CO2 production unit on the market.
We look forward to the growth of the ExHale Family and we are excited you are part of our team, without you we are only half as strong.

Thanks again,
Glen & Wendy Babcock

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