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the NATURAL CO2 solution

Our bags produce the same CO2 that mother nature does, by design.

What is



The Exhale is an idea that brings an important part of nature back to the indoor garden, CO2. Indoor gardening is a complex business and hobby. To do it right all the needs of a plant must be taken into consideration and more times than not, in an affordable way.

The ExHale bag is a patented strain of mycelium that produces an abundance of CO2 without fruiting. This means that when our bag is activated, the mycelium grows, eating the substrate it comes with, giving off heaps of CO2 straight into your garden, and it does all this for 6 months - guaranteed!


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The exhale

at a glance


Produces 6 months of fresh CO2, guaranteed

Experience a 20% - 30% increase in yield

Powered by patented genetics

Requires no maintenance

Made in the USA

Requires no electricity

Produces no heat

what people

are saying

Easy to use and my plants love them! I couldn't be happier with the product!! It will always be a staple in my garden. Check out my page for the results


I’m noticing they are bigger in flower this round. I’ll see when they’re done. I thought I would have about 2’ between light and tops, but nope. Only about1


I will be ordering more I love your products



Each ExHale bag is created with a purpose, and each feature has a goal. We have designed and refined our bags to

withstand the challenges and strains that come with indoor gardening, small to large.


Breather Patch

The exhaust port of our bags. The microporous breather patch allows CO2 to exit the bag and also keep contaminants out.



We use a hardy plastic to resist puncture and subsequently contamination. 



Our substrate is a proprietary formula designed to give the CO2 producing mycelium a food source for the long haul.



Our mycelium is a patented strain of non-fruiting, high CO2 producing fungi that love bringing nature back to indoor gardens.


ExHale provides the highest quality CO2 bag on the market. 


The ExHale CO2 Bag

This is the standard model for our bag design. Just as powerful as any of our bags, this one comes pre-enoculated and ready to go. It is breathing CO2 as soon as you take it home. Always check the replacement date on the back label to ensure freshness.


6 months of

steady CO2

4 lbs


Bag Dimensions

8" x  5" x 14"

4' x 4' sq ft

(120 cubic ft)

6 Months


CO2 Bags

The Original

CO2 is not new to indoor gardening, its been around for decades. We are the first company to design a mushroom bag in order to bring natural CO2 to the market. Since our debut, we have seen many knockoffs, some that do it entirely wrong, and some that try to copy our bags all the way from the plastic we use all the way down to our patented genetics. Still, none can match our quality. 'The Original CO2 bag' seal is our way of making sure you know that you are getting the quality you pay for. - We are the original CO2 bag, don't settle for anything less. 

ExHale came out of a true love of agriculture and out of the need for a less expensive, easier, safer and more harmonious way to provide your plants with CO2.

- Glen Babcock

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